Ideas for “creativity” new year’s resolution

I have chosen creativity as my new year’s resolution for this year. I love the idea of bringing a word into your everyday life that’s going to motivate you to pay attention and be aware of each moment, using every second to do something new and exciting. So many new years resolutions are about what people don’t want in their lives which is why they fail, whereas simply choosing a word is so open you can do as little or as much to do with that word as you like interpreting it your own way.

Here are some brainstorming ideas I will list to motivate me to be more creative in as many senses of the word as I can. I don’t want to simply create more art, I want to be creative in my thinking and ideas more than anything and so this is a good way to learn to be a bit more impulsive and take advantage of all that life has to offer.

  • Write more, I enjoyed doing this so much when I was studying English and yet haven’t done it much since then. Keeping a regular blog will help me keep on track, think of interesting topics to discuss, make plans etc and so I make the promise that I will make a blog post once a week from  Monday 25th January
  • Go out into nature more, obviously once it gets warmer I will be able to walk on the downs at Uni so just becoming more in tune with nature, having regular outings to places of natural beauty throughout the year.
  • Keep a small diary with me at all times and get into the habit of writing in it when I have interesting thoughts, this particularly can happen when im going to sleep, so try to write down my dreams etc as its interesting to look back over them and encourages these thoughts to carry on with practise.
  • When reading a book keep a notebook to write down any thoughts i have about what im reading
  • Sing more, open up and enjoy the sound and the feeling
  • Make notes when im reading of the material and my thoughts of the material to really engage with my course, not just actively take in information.
  • Read more blogs and interesting websites on the internet and in books, theres so much fascinating information out there just waiting to be found
  • Listen to music more consciously, shut my eyes and really be there with it
  • Do my Reiki II this year if it can be arranged to do so
  • Do more courses like the Reiki that give me the confidence and more life skills
  • Learn how to sew more, its something I really enjoy so id like to buy clothes and customise them to my style
  • Try to do something, go somewhere, experience something new once a week, look at whats going on, plan outings
  • Be more creative with cooking, try new recipes with healthy ideas that are wholesome to widen more cookery skills.
  • In my relationship be more creative with where we go, what we do and take time to really connect and enjoy being together
  • Learn more about spirituality, be varied, open to new things, learn more about the holistic therapies this year like Reflexology, Colour therapy etc
  • Be more creative and varied with my clothing, try wearing things and different styles i wouldn’t usually try, experiment and have fun with it
  • Go to more art galleries and museums, cultural places that inspire me
  • Plan my time better and get up earlier to really get the most out of my day, don’t force myself and feel guilty, but try to use an extra hour to do something i enjoy like read a book as motivation
  • Get back into dancing for just the enjoyment of movement
  • Keep a journal of my spiritual experiences and ideas to books i read to track my progress
  • Laugh more, be creative with having fun

This is just a very brief list of ideas so I will add to it and track how I’ve tried to fulfil the ideas I have :)

2 Comments Add yours

  1. muhammadfiji says:

    that’s a plenty things to do.

    1. lol yes hehe , its only ideas at the moment so really just to keep me a bit more focused :)

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