Conscious writing

This is a blog I wrote in november, I thought I’d like to share it……….

Hello and thankyou if you are reading this :) I have been feeling in a very spiritual state of awareness lately, far more connected with the world and everyone within it. I am a very dreamy person who likes to dwell in my own head, so it is quite an experience finally really living on earth for once ;)

I have been feeling very inspired today to read and experience the spiritual. has many channeled texts that have really spoken to me. I have been rather sceptical about channeling but whatever the truth of the matter the texts and the words still have the same effect, wherever they have come from.

I decided to meditate and connect with a higher state of awareness after reading some of these and then felt compelled to write whatever was coming to mind, to integrate all I have read from many sources and what I make of it in terms of my own life. This is completely free writing that has just come to me on the spot…so make of it what you will, and if it inspires and helps you to feel what I am feeling……….yay! hehe :)


As I write this I am feeling inspired that there is a great change coming. It will be personal, happening individually for every human being. It will cause greater unity upon this earth and create a sense of amazing peace and love in all our hearts. It is what we have always been working towards. This is the way we are supposed to interact with each other. With great love and support. The conflict of the past was a necessary stage to get to where we are today. One must go through suffering and release these stagnant energies before we can live in a state of purity and truth.

It is a time of great excitement and celebration, it is not to be taken seriously, as if we must enforce this change, trying to do this will only make it take longer, you just have to relax and fully be in the moment, to enjoy the ride and be fully present. However you experience this transition please just savour every moment and try to be in a full state of awareness. Many will never get to experience this so really treasure every second of it.

I am you and you are me, we are all becoming connected on a level we have never had on earth before. As this happens the world issues and problems of our times will be solved…(if that is the word to use? ) Once everyone is working fully together and cooperating with all our energy these problems will no longer be problems, for problems are only real when you think about them with any negativity in your heart. If you come to them in a state of complete love they are chances to grow and make this world better, once we put together all that we have learned from our individual paths the energy will amplify to amazing levels and the earth will truly be a very different place.

This is not just some fantasy, this is what could and will eventually be. On earth it takes longer for these things to come into the physical but in our times now this process is speeding up and so there is not much longer to wait.

Drink plenty of water, eat vegetables and fruit, meditate and sleep. As this beautiful process unfolds it will be overwhelming for many humans. Some will become fearful and lonely and so looking after your mind, body and spirit will keep you connected with the higher power so that you know that we are there for you every step of the way. We will be helping you every second of everyday so do not worry just be positive and stay who you are .

Other worldly every day responsibilities will come easily to you when the time comes, so do not force yourself to work or make yourself guilty, everything will work out fine so do not fret and cause yourself unnecessary stress, give yourself the time you need to relax and centre yourself.

And more than anything just stay completely open and positive for when you do amazing things will start to happen, keep aware of all these little coincidences and feelings for they will help you progress even further on your journey to a higher state of awareness.

~Peace and love to all~

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